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Please keep your TPT number

You may have received a notice from the Department of Revenue stating, "[i]f you are a contractor whose only business is to enter into contracts with the owner of real property for the maintenance, repair, replacement or alteration of existing property, beginning January 1, 2015, you do not need to have a transaction privilege tax (TPT) license."

Unfortunately, this guidance did not consider statutes governing the Registrar of Contractors. ARS 32-1122(B)(1)(h) requires all applicants and licensees provide the ROC with a TPT to obtain or renew a contractor license. The ROC has asked the legislature to make these laws more consistent by removing this TPT requirement. Until this change is made, contractors should maintain their state TPT license.

Unlicensed Contracting Tips Hotline

If you believe an unlicensed individual or company is contracting or advertising in violation of state statute, please complete the form below. You may also call 602-542-1525 to speak with someone in our Investigations Department. If you want to file a complaint against an unlicensed individual with whom you have previously contracted, please use the formal complaint form rather than this tips hotline.

To help the ROC investigation, please provide as much information as possible. For example:
  1. Name of individual
  2. Name of business
  3. Phone number
  4. Location of unlicensed contracting
  5. Vehicle license plate and description
  6. A detailed description of the unlicensed contracting
    1. Good example: "I saw a six foot masonry perimeter fence being installed at 1234 Far East Street, Mesa, Arizona. A truck advertising a fence construction business was parked in front of the house. The name of the business was not found in the ROC licensed contractor search."
    2. Bad example: "Unlicensed contractors are working in a new home construction site in east Mesa."

    Thank you for your assistance.

    * Indicates a required field

    * Allegation: Please enter a brief description

    Suspect's Information Enter as much information as possible about the suspect into the fields below. The more information you provide, the better we can investigate the appropriate charges against violators.

    Suspect's Name:

    Suspect's Company Name:

    Suspect's Business Address:

    City: State: Zip:

    Suspect's Phone Number:

    Location of Work Performed
    * Job Site Address:

    * City: * State: Zip:

    Nature of Work Performed
    Residential Commercial Violation Date:

    Job Status: In Progress Completed Unknown

    Other Information: Please enter any other information in 2,000 characters or less
    Optional Follow Up Information
    If you wish to be informed about the results of our investigation, please supply the following Information required by [ A.R.S. 41-1010]

    First Name: Last Name:

    Email: Telephone: Fax:

    After submitting this form, you should expect to see a confirmation page. This will notify you that your report has been received.

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