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Bonding Requirements FAQ

Bond Requirement FAQ

  1. Are there any bond requirements for a contractor's license?

    Yes. It is your responsibility to file a Contractor's Bond in the amount required for your license classification, and anticipated annual gross volume. The bond may be in the form of a surety bond or a cash bond. Additional information on bonding requirements is provided in the license application packet.

    Residential contractors are also required to provide a consumer protection bond. This may be in the form of a Surety Bond or cash deposit in the amount of $200,000.00, or payment into the Residential Contractors' Recovery Fund. The application instructions provide detailed information on this requirement.
  2. Where can I get a bond?

    You may obtain a Surety Bond from your insurance agent or from another insurance company which is authorized by the Arizona Department of Insurance to operate in Arizona and issue contractors license bonds.

    You may also provide a bond in the form of cash or a certificate of deposit from any bank which operates in Arizona. Contact any Arizona Registrar of Contractors office to obtain an alternative to cash assignment form if you wish to use a certificate of deposit for your license bond.
  3. How long is a bond valid?

    The surety bond must be continuous. This means that there is no termination date on the bond. You may be required to pay premiums to the insurance company periodically to keep the bond in force. The bonding company has the right to cancel the bond but must send a notice to you and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors thirty days prior to the cancellation date. You will have to replace the bond or your license will be suspended.

    If your bond is in cash, the agency will retain the bond until two years after the license terminates. If no claims are made against the bond in that time, you may apply to have the bond released to you.
  4. New applicant bonding requirements: What will the bond amount be?

    On all new applications for any classification of license, the applicant shall estimate his anticipated gross volume of work within the State of Arizona for the remainder of the present fiscal year and shall be governed by the bond requirements herein before set forth as they apply to his particular classification of license. The filing of a bond or deposit in a specified amount shall be deemed to be the equivalent of submitting a volume estimate within the dollar limitations applicable for such bond amount.
  5. Renewal bond requirements: What happens when it's time to renew?

    All estimates made for renewal of licenses shall be made in such manner and upon a form acceptable to the Registrar of Contractors. The filing or continuation of a bond or deposit in a specified amount shall be deemed to be the equivalent of submitting a volume estimate within the dollar limitations applicable for such bond amount. The Registrar of Contractors is not responsible for over or under estimates of volume of work made by the licensee or for the sufficiency of any bond or deposit. A gross underestimate knowingly made by a licensee may be construed as a material misrepresentation and could subject the licensee to suspension or revocation of his license.
  6. Can the bond amount be increased?

    The amount of the contractor's license bond may be increased at any time during the fiscal year. However, a surety bond or cash deposit in lieu of bond cannot be decreased except at the time of renewal for the ensuing fiscal year.
  7. When will the bond be effective?

    Surety bonds or cash deposits shall not become effective until filed with the Registrar's office. If the effective date as shown upon the bond is after the date of filing with the Registrar, then the effective date shown upon the bond shall be the controlling date on which the bond becomes effective.

Bond Limits and Regulations

Contractor's license bonds are established in the following amounts as based upon the gross volume of work contemplated by the licensee within the State of Arizona for the ensuing fiscal year:

License Type Contemplated Gross Volume (Per License) Bond Amount
Residential General Contractors
Less than $750,000 $9,000
$750,000 or more $15,000
Residential Specialty Contractors
Less than $375,000 $4,250
$375,000 or more $7,500
Commercial General Contractors (Includes General Engineering Contractors) $150,000 or less $5,000
In excess of $150,000 but not more than $500,000 $15,000
In excess of $500,000 but not more than one million $25,000
In excess of one million but not more than five million $50,000
In excess of five million but not more than ten million $75,000
Over ten million $100,000
Commercial Specialty Contractors $150,000 or less $2,500
In excess of $150,000 but not more than $500,000 $7,000
In excess of $500,000 but not more than one million $17,500
In excess of one million but not more than five million $25,000
In excess of five million but not more than ten million $37,500
Over ten million $50,000

Dual license bond amounts are calculated by combining the amount required for residential and commercial.

This list of insurance company phone numbers is for the claims division of the Insurance company that issued the license bond for the contractor license that you may have a judgment or claim against.
Accredited Surety & Casualty Co Inc 888-668-2791 or 407-629-4553
All American Insurance Co. 1-419-238-1010
Allstate Fire and Casualty Ins. Co. 847-402-5000
American Contractors Indemnity Co 800-486-6695 or 310-649-0990
American Fire and Casualty Co. 1-513-603-7400
Blue Stone Surety Company 843-720-8754
Bond Safeguard Company 1-630-495-9380
Capitol Indemnity Corporation 608-231-4450 or 608-829-4200
CBIC Insurance Company 800-765-2242 or 206-628-7200
The Cincinnati Casualty Co 513-870-2000
Continental Casualty Co. 1-312-822-5000
Developers Surety & Indemnity Co 800-782-1546 or 949-263-3300
The Fidelity & Deposit Co 888-320-9659 or 410-683-1970
Financial Pacific Insurance Co 916-630-3860 or 916-630-5000
Great American Ins. Co 1-513-369-5013
The Guarantee Co of North America USA 1-248-281-0281
The Hartford Fidelity & Bonding 888-266-3488 or 860-547-5000
Indemnity Co of California 1-714-263-3300
Insurance Co of North America 1-215-640-1000
Insurance Co of the West 800-252-3439 or 858-350-2400
Merchants Bonding Company 800-678-8171 or 515-243-8171
Mid-Century Insurance Co 1-323-932-3200
Nova Casualty Company 716-856-3722
The Ohio Casualty Ins. Co.1-513-867-3218
Old Republic Surety Company
Old Republic General Ins. Corp.
800-213-8230 or 262-797-2640
Pioneer General Insurance Co 303-758-8122
Platte River Insurance Company1-800-462-8135
RLI Insurance Company 623-412-1420 or 866-439-7003
Safeco Insurance Company 1-206-545-5000
St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co. 1-651310-7911
State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. 1-309-766-2311
Travelers Casualty Ins. Co of America 800-447-0618 or 860-277-0111
United Fire and Casualty Co. 1-319-399-5700
Western National Mutual Insurance Company 800-862-6070
Western Surety Company 800-331-6053 or 605-336-0850

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