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AZ ROC Offices Closed on Mon., July 4, 2016 – In observance of Independence Day, the Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson Offices of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors will be closed on Mon., July 4th. We will reopen to again serve the public on Tues., July 5th at 8:00 am. Thank you.

Need to reach AZ ROC in general? Send all correspondence to: Arizona Registrar of Contractors, 1700 W Washington Street, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812. If you have any questions, please call 1-877-692-9762 (1-877-MY-AZROC).

Waiver of Trade Exam

Waiver of Trade Exam

  1. What is exam waiver?

    Passing a trade exam is one of the requirements necessary to be approved for a contractor’s license. A trade exam helps the ROC assess whether an applicant has the knowledge required to perform the type of work authorized by a license. However, pursuant to R4-9-106(D) the Registrar may decide to waive the trade exam requirement under specific circumstances.

    R4-9-106(D): “…the Registrar may decide a trade exam is not required where the qualifying party has been the qualifying party within the preceding five years for a license in good standing in the same classification in this state, or a classification the Registrar deems comparable in another state.”

    * The Business Management exam cannot be waived because it has reference to Arizona specific statutes and rules.
    ** The ROC cannot waive the Arizona Department of Water Resources Trade Examination required for the A-4, A-16, C-53, and R-53 license classifications.
  2. What do I need to be eligible to waive a trade exam?

    1. The applicant/qualifier shall have taken and passed an equivalent trade exam that led to the approval of a contractor’s license.

    2. The contractor’s license must have been active and in good standing within the preceding five years.

    3. The exam content and the license classification must be equivalent to the Arizona exam and license for which the exam waiver is being requested.

  3. What information must be submitted with a request to waive a trade exam?

    1. A description of the scope of license classification from the jurisdiction where the trade exam was taken.

    2. Proof of the passing tests results.
      1. If you can't obtain proof of the passing test results, you may substitute a completed Trade Exam Verification Form.
    3. A description of the exam content from the exam provider.

    4. Proof of the license status and history from the other jurisdiction (e.g. state, county, city).

Qualifying Party

Qualifying Party

  1. To whom does the term "qualifying party" refer?

    The "qualifying party" means a person who is regularly employed by the licensee and is actively engaged in the classification of work for which the person qualifies in behalf of the licensee.

    The qualifying party must have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to supervise or perform the contracting work.
  2. Who can be a qualifying party?

    The qualifying party may be the owner of a sole proprietor business, one of the partners of a partnership, one of the members of a limited liability company, one of the officers of a corporation or an employee of the contracting business.
  3. What is the qualifying party required to do?

    The qualifying person must pass the required examinations for the license.

    The qualifying person must have the required years of experience as a journeyman, foreman, supervisor, or contractor in the classification for which he or she is applying. The usual experience requirement is four years, at least two years of which must have been obtained within ten years before applying.

    For exceptions to the four year experience requirement, refer to the application for examination form.

    While engaged as a qualifying party for a licensee, the qualifying party shall not take other employment that would conflict with his duties as qualifying party or conflict with his ability to adequately supervise the work performed by the licensee.
  4. Can the same person serve as the qualifying party for more than one entity?

    A person may serve as the qualifying party for one additional entity if one of the following conditions exists:
    1. There is a common ownership of at least twenty-five percent of each licensed entity for which the person acts in a qualifying capacity.
    2. One licensee is a subsidiary of another licensee for which the same person acts in a qualifying capacity. "Subsidiary" as used in this section means a corporation of which at least twenty-five percent is owned by the other licensee.

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